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Swim in bottled water. Ozone is nature's strongest oxidizer, which is one reason it is used to purify drinking water. Through our Ozone Pool technology, this same purification process can be used to make your swimming pool environment cleaner and safer. It's 150% stronger and over 3000x faster acting than chlorine, and since ozone is an oxygen-based oxidizer, the only by-product is oxygen.

Ozone has been used in Olympic training pools, Nike world campus swimming pools, EPA headquarters, the Pentagon and many more. Ozone pool systems not only render organic contaminants and bacteria harmless, they virtually eliminate them from swimming pool water through a combination of oxidation and flocculation. Oxidation destroys these contaminants and flocculation gathers up the residual to be filtered out of the pool. Ozone pool water purification is cleaner and clearer than is possible with any chemical disinfectant, and unlike most chemicals, ozone does not affect the pH of pool water.

Pure Brochure Ozone enriched water is also safer because it leaves no harmful chemical by-products or residue in the water the way chemical additives do. Ozone even helps prevent the formation of harmful chloramines and trihalomethanes (THMs), which are the natural by-products of chlorine-based sanitization. This ability makes the Pure and Pure Ae systems perfect partners for purification of chlorinated pools, whether salt generated, liquid injected or tablet dissolved.

Pure Series is a compressor driven ozone system which can inject ozone under almost any hydraulic condition including pools with in-floor cleaners. The system is built with commercial grade compressors, solid state power supplies, our advanced hybrid ozone generator and muffling to ensure quiet operation. The T.O3 NATURAL TECHNOLOGY behind the Pure Series reduces chemical usage, improves sanitation, eliminates odors, produces crystal clear water, and is environmentally friendly.

Frequency of use, swimming pool size, local environment and bather load are factors that determine how our Ozone Pool system should be implemented. Whether you should have a low-chem to chem-free pool will depend on how heavily a pool is used and the overall oxidation demand. But no matter how a pool is used, it will be a far better place to swim with an Ozone Pool system from The Ozone Company.


  • "After struggling with excessive costs in our Laundry operation, we decided it was time to check into Ozone technology. The Ozone Company made everything easy...we're saving money, and the linens are actually cleaner."

    Joseph Cole, Sr.
  • "We have been using The Ozone Company's EcoWash Ozone Laundry System for about a year and the results are fantastic. Our linens come out just as clean (if not cleaner) and we use no hot water."

    Chuck R., Ripps Dairy Farm
  • "We use significantly less water, natural gas and electricity. What's more, it takes less time to do each load of laundry, so our labor costs have gone down as well."

    Ken M., Cedarberry Inn
  • "The savings on detergent and utilities from installing an EcoWash Ozone Laundry System from The Ozone Company are important... It performs better than hot water... and costs way less to operate."

    Joe S., Statz Dairy Farms
  • "The EcoWash system allows us to use 35% less water than a traditional commercial laundry system and we also use 35% less detergent... the system will pay for itself in less than a year."

    Pete T., Wilderness Resort
  • "We met The Ozone Company at a conference in 2006 and have been a customer since. Our pool is cleaner and costs less to maintain. Plus, they are great people who care about their customers. Highly Recommended."

    Cathy M. Halstead
  • "I spend way less on water, natural gas, electricity and detergent. The EcoWash Ozone Laundry System is a great investment!"

    Scott M., Maier Dairy Farm
  • "...we have seen significant savings on our gas, electrical and water bills...our linens come out of the wash feeling softer and they last longer than they used to."

    Stan A., Polynesian Resort
  • "Just as the Ozone Company promised, we recovered our costs very quickly. The monthly savings on water, gas and electricity are great for our bottom line."

    Alan D., AmericInn
  • "It performs exactly as promised: it just sits there and saves me money on my utilities. No fuss and basically no maintenance. It's a great product."

    Jerry M., White Gold Dairy

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