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Presenting Ecowash. An ozone laundry system like no other. The next generation of ozone laundry technology.
> Cut your laundry expenses by 50% NOW!
> No advance payment or financial investment required!
> The latest advancement in ozone technology!
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A Premier Ozone Laundry System

Engineered and built in the United States specifically for commercial laundry applications, the Ecowash ozone laundry system achieves results that others cannot. Proven to save money, oxidize soils, disinfect linen, and improve your bottom line.

Inspired by performance to achieve perfection, The Ozone Company set out to engineer the very best in ozone laundry technology. The Ozone Company turned to leading industry manufacturers to properly design Ecowash for commercial laundry applications. The Ecowash system offers a user-friendly logic control panel, ambient ozone controller, plasma cell technology and much more. The Ecowash system has proven to clean and disinfect in cold water at multiple independent laboratories, several notable installations and dozens of case studies.

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Traditional laundry processes use hot water to provide thermal disinfection and aid in chemical activation. Ecowash ozone laundry equipment achieves these objectives using cold water and goes beyond the traditional laundry process by eliminating and shortening cycles. This means savings of up to 50% on laundry expenses through energy reduction, water conservation and extended linen life. The Ozone Company's proven ability to deliver savings with the highest quality ozone laundry equipment makes Ecowash a wise choice.

How Ecowash Works

The Ozone Company's proprietary mirco-submersible venturi is plumbed into the wash basin or sump of the washer. The Ecowash system injects ozone gas directly into the sump of the washer continuously throughout the entire wash cycle.

  1. Oxygen is dried and concentrated to 95% pure oxygen.
  2. Oxygen is fed into plasma ozone cells.
  3. Strong ozone gas is produced and sent to the washer.
  4. Ozone is dissolved into the wash basin thoughout the entire wash cycle.
  5. Ozone oxidizes soils and eliminates microbes in the linen.
  6. The results are clean, sanitized and soft linen using less energy.

The Ecowash System

The Ecowash ozone laundry system installs in only a few hours with four main components. The ozone generator that contains the plasma cells and logic control boards, an oxygen concentrator that generates 95% pure oxygen, an ambient ozone controller for safety and the proprietary injection nozzle.

Ecowash Ozone Laundry System

Plasma Cells

As the evolution of ozone technology continues, The Ozone Company does too. Ecowash incorporates the latest in ozone cell technology, plasma. Plasma cells use less energy and produce higher concentrations of ozone with less maintenance. By using plasma technology, The Ozone Company has taken the industry to a whole new level, creating the world's best ozone laundry system.

Oxygen Concentrator

The advanced oxygen generation system used by The Ozone Company supplies 95% pure oxygen to the plasma cells in the Ecowash ozone generator. Clean, reliable on-demand oxygen allows production of the purest ozone gas.

Ambient Ozone Controller

Safety is The Ozone Company's number one concern. Every Ecowash system includes an ambient ozone controller that continuously monitors the facility for ambient ozone. In the unlikely event ozone is detected above OSHA limits, the controller temporarily shuts off the Ecowash system until ambient ozone returns to a safe level.

Injection Nozzle

Designed and machined by The Ozone Company specifically for its Ecowash ozone laundry injection system. This proprietary micro-submersible venturi uses the Bernoulli principle to effectively dissolve ozone gas continuously into the wash water.

Clinically Proven to Clean and Disinfect

Linens, garments and rags are washed for two main reasons: to clean and to disinfect. During the research and development of the Ecowash ozone laundry system, the goal was to find the best solution to achieve the goals of cleaning and disinfection by using ozone. Two independent laboratories performed oxidation tests to find the best way to oxidize soils from linen. They also conducted disinfection tests to find the best way to eliminate microbes during the wash process. Two key metrics were studied during the testing: Soil Oxidation Rating and CT Value.

CT Values

CT Values are the multiplication of ozone concentration and contact time. (Concentration x Time). Every microbe on Earth has a point at which it can be destroyed and eliminated by ozone. CT Values are used to find the destruction point of a particular microbe. Bacteria and viruses cannot develop resistance to ozone because ozone destroys the microbes' cell structure by a process known as lysis. Ecowash produces extremely high CT value providing the best protection against harmful superbugs, keeping personnel and customers safe.

Soil Oxidation Rating (SOR)

Soil Oxidation Rating is based on a 0 - 100 point system, 100 points means 100% of soils are oxidized. This test looked at the oxidation potential of different ozone systems against ten typical soils found on linens and garments. Ecowash's soil oxidation rating is equivalent to washing in a traditional hot water wash cycle.

Fiber Relaxation

As an oxidizer, like chlorine-bleach, ozone opens and relaxes linen fibers to pull soils from the linen. Unlike bleach, ozone does not damage or degrade linens. Studies show, with Ecowash, the linen is relaxed enough on the last wash step to help remove more chemical and water which will reduce dry times.

The Ecowash Advantage

  • Reduce laundry expenses by up to 50%.
  • Return on investment from 6 - 18 months.
  • Increased textile life and quality.
  • Clean, fresher smelling linens for your guests.
  • Disinfect and sanitize linens better, disabling bacteria and viruses.
  • Better efficiency in the laundry facility.
  • Less wear and tear on laundry equipment.
  • Safe reliable equipment providing savings year in and year out.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint, TAKING YOUR ORGANIZATION GREEN.


  • "After struggling with excessive costs in our Laundry operation, we decided it was time to check into Ozone technology. The Ozone Company made everything easy...we're saving money, and the linens are actually cleaner."

    Joseph Cole, Sr.
  • "We have been using The Ozone Company's EcoWash Ozone Laundry System for about a year and the results are fantastic. Our linens come out just as clean (if not cleaner) and we use no hot water."

    Chuck R., Ripps Dairy Farm
  • "We use significantly less water, natural gas and electricity. What's more, it takes less time to do each load of laundry, so our labor costs have gone down as well."

    Ken M., Cedarberry Inn
  • "The savings on detergent and utilities from installing an EcoWash Ozone Laundry System from The Ozone Company are important... It performs better than hot water... and costs way less to operate."

    Joe S., Statz Dairy Farms
  • "The EcoWash system allows us to use 35% less water than a traditional commercial laundry system and we also use 35% less detergent... the system will pay for itself in less than a year."

    Pete T., Wilderness Resort
  • "We met The Ozone Company at a conference in 2006 and have been a customer since. Our pool is cleaner and costs less to maintain. Plus, they are great people who care about their customers. Highly Recommended."

    Cathy M. Halstead
  • "I spend way less on water, natural gas, electricity and detergent. The EcoWash Ozone Laundry System is a great investment!"

    Scott M., Maier Dairy Farm
  • "...we have seen significant savings on our gas, electrical and water bills...our linens come out of the wash feeling softer and they last longer than they used to."

    Stan A., Polynesian Resort
  • "Just as the Ozone Company promised, we recovered our costs very quickly. The monthly savings on water, gas and electricity are great for our bottom line."

    Alan D., AmericInn
  • "It performs exactly as promised: it just sits there and saves me money on my utilities. No fuss and basically no maintenance. It's a great product."

    Jerry M., White Gold Dairy

The Ozone Company Difference...

  • Innovative Ozone Solutions
  • Enhanced Product Training
  • Extensive Sales Network
  • 24 Hour Customer Service
  • Technology Leadership
  • Maximize Your Savings
  • Improve Your Bottom Line
  • Fast Return On Investment
  • Take Your Company Green
  • UL 508A Standards
  • CUL Standards
  • EPA Registered
  • IPC Standards
  • CE Standards
  • RoHs Compliant

Customer Programs

The Ozone Company has made special arrangements with Ozone Capital LLC to provide equipment leasing solutions for both current and new customers. Ozone Capital has helped numerous clients take the next step towards lowering their ongoing energy costs with absolutely no up-front capital investment.

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